VL460 with

Infection Prevention
Weight Balanced
All Blade Sizes
Slim Profile
Image of UESCOPE VL460 Single Use Video Laryngoscope

High-Definition Video Recording

Video laryngoscopy with auto-recording is the new standard for pre-hospital airway practice.

Five Sizes of UE Blades

Same trustworthy mid-angulated blades ready for both routine and difficult intubation.

Image of UESCOPE VL460 Single-Use Blades

Light-weight and Balanced

Less torque equals comfort and precise control

The new display is just the right size and weight. Combined with single-use blades, the scope feels comfortable and balanced in your hand — The classic UESCOPE® user experience.

Image of UESCOPE VL460 Monitor


Display 3" Touch Screen (720x480 px)
Weight Monitor 150 g, blade 39-55 g
Memory 32 GB (up to 16 hours video)
Tilt & Rotation 110° tilt, 270° rotate
Power Li-ion rechargeable, 2250 mAh
Working Time 200 minutes of continuous use

Order Information

Monitor 460-1200 VL460 touchscreen monitor, USB-C charger, monitor case (Blades not included) 1
Single-Use Blades 010-3001 Single-Use Blade, Size D0 1
010-3010 Single-Use Blade, Size D1 1
010-3020 Single-Use Blade, Size D2 1
010-3030 Single-Use Blade, Size D3 1
010-3040 Single-Use Blade, Size D4 1
New standard geometry blades
010-3036 Single-Use Blade, Size MD3 (Mac D3) 1
010-3046 Single-Use Blade, Size MD4 (Mac D4) 1