The VL400 System

With a state-of-the-art modular design, our VL400 system can transform into three types of scopes.

Image of UESCOPE VL400 disposable video laryngoscope
Disposable VL
Single-use sheath minimizes the risk of cross contamination, improving the turnaround rate.
Image of UESCOPE VL400 reusable video laryngoscope
Reusable VL
Blade sizes range from neonatal to morbidly obese. Amazing imaging quality with minimal running cost.
Image of UESCOPE VL400 video stylet
Video Stylet
Exceptional direct visulization tool designed for difficult airways, small mouth opennings, C-Spines, etc.

Seeing the Difference

Display of VL400 video laryngoscope

Twist-N-Lock Connector

Designed for a fast swapping of blade sizes or components

VL400 video laryngscope connection: Twist-N-Lock operations
VL400 video laryngscope connection: Twist-N-Lock operations
VL400 video laryngscope connection: Twist-N-Lock operations

All-Angles Recording Monitor

Allows for views in any direction, extremely beneficial for confined space rescue

VL400 video laryngscope connection: All-angle rotaion


Display 2.6" LCD Screen
Tilt & Rotation 130° tilt, 270° rotate
Memory (optional) 8 GB (4 hours video recording)
Interface Micro-USB (UC-E6)
Power Li-ion rechargeable, 1000 mAh
Working Time Minimal 90 minutes of continuous use
Charging Time Up to 3 hour
Weight 120 g

Order Information

Monitor 093-2501 VL400 standard monitor
093-2512 VL400E recording monitor
Disposable VL 073-2102 VL400-D2 video baton Mac 2
073-2103 VL400-D3 video baton Mac 3
073-2104 VL400-D4 video baton Mac 4
Reusable VL 073-1100 VL400-0 video blade Miller 0
073-1141 VL400-1S video blade Miller 1
073-1101 VL400-1 video blade Mac 1
073-1102 VL400-2 video blade Mac 2
073-1103 VL400-3 video blade Mac 3
073-1104 VL400-4 video blade Mac 4
Video Stylet 073-3103 VL400-S3 video stylet ETT size 6&up
Disposable Sheath 010-0152 Disposable sheath (50 pcs) Mac 2
010-0153 Disposable sheath (50 pcs) Mac 3
010-0154 Disposable sheath (50 pcs) Mac 4